Concrete is a very durable and easy to customize option for those interested in adding a border to their landscape. Unlike a lot of other material, concrete can be created in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. It can be made to mimic brick, stone, or other surfaces. Patterns can be implemented into the surface for delicate and interesting details. Because of the way concrete is laid, it can also be easily shaped into any slope or curve of your lawn. Maintenance is straightforward and it’s easy to mow around an installed concrete border. The weight of a lawnmower should not affect or damage a concrete border.

Installing a concrete curb or border to your lawn involves a little prep work. Your chosen concrete contracting company will likely take care of most of these steps. First, you have to begin by cutting sod and preparing the ground for a curb’s installation, using the proper machinery for the sod and removing grass by hand. The ground needs to be level.

Next comes the concrete. The concrete is mixed in an appropriate container and color is added to the mixture according to the specifications of the job. Onceconcrete-curbing prepared, the mixture is placed into a machine and pushed out into the proper shape. Through this process a perfectly continuous border will be formed that can be coiled around any shape in your landscape.

Depending on the needs of your particular project, the concrete border will be detailed, stamped, and/or troweled to finalize the shape. As necessary, ground joints will also be implemented to ensure a reinforced and flexible curb. Normally, this process takes one day to complete.

When planning for a border installation, make sure that you pay attention to your agreement’s policy on cleanup and removal of discarded or excess material.