Concrete curbs and borders can be sculpted into different shapes depending on your tastes. You can also customize the color!

Mowers Edge Curbing

This classic style of curb shape is designed to be the easiest to mow around. It’s a style that can be colored to match your preferences, but it can’t be stamped.concrete-curbing-colored-concrete

Angle Curbing

Angle curbs are very popular because of their wide range of uses. It is easy to mow around but is not as industrial-looking as the classic Mowers Edge. It’s taller in the back to retain more and can also be designed to suit your needs. It can be stamped and colored as well.

6×4 Curbing

The 6×4 shape is ideal for practical circumstances, like edging a driveway, parking lot, or another commercial grade purpose.

6×6 Curbing

The larger cousin of the 6×4, this curb is a strong feature best suited to commercial grade environments with high traffic.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is available as an option with many curbing specialists. It can be colored to mimic natural rocks and brings the beauty of a natural environment to your landscape.

Boulder Stones

A more rounded variation of a natural stone shape. It’s a wonderful choice for landscape scenes that wish to have a “mountainous” feel to them.