Concrete is a fantastic material to use in curbing. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a retaining wall, doing construction, or just want to provide borders for your home or business’ lawn, concrete can provide you with the perfect solution.

For residences or businesses, concrete curbing is a fantastic way to accentuate, frame, and design your landscape. Something as simple as curbing in your landscape can transform the space and the best part is… there’s an option for everyone.

While there are many different materials that you can use for curbing, like metals, wood, and plastic (I know we’ve all seen the black plastic on a lawn at some point), concrete is a very popular option and many consider it to be the best. It’s the perfect solution for a long-standing problem. Concrete is durable and stays in place, unlike plastic and metal. Concrete curbs are also easy to mold into any shape, unlike metals. And unlike anything else, concrete can be mixed on site and you can choose custom colors or patterns to match brick, stone, or any other particular color in your garden! It’s the chameleon of curbing materials.

Cliff at Seattle WA Paving says “I like to use a continuous border, so the plant life on one side will not grow into the other, especially around asphalt parking lot Paving jobs or larger asphalt driveway paving jobs like parking lot paving nj because it will save the owner a ton of time in the future because they will not be killing weeds all the time”

For those looking for a more functional, industrious purpose in a curb, many businesses provide concrete curbing services for those who need to add a curb to their road, sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot spaces with a commercial paving contractor.

Cooper at Tacoma Paving told us “anytime I do driveway paving in Tacoma or driveway resurfacing in Tacoma I suggest that the owner edge the project with something (curbs, a stone border… something). This will help extend the life of the paving job because the edge will be less likely to chip or get damaged.” Adding curbing to your landscape can go hand in hand with adding a new roof to increase the value of your home, so make sure to get a roof inspection and contact commercial roofers in va beach if you have need of roofing services.